Get a Better Price - Corey W

Kari is friendly, energetic, professional, caring, timely, trustworthy, and helpful. We trusted her recommendations on how to get a better price for our house, and it really paid off! She was great to work with. We would be glad to work with her again.

Valuable Guidance - Srijan C

Kari made our home buying experience as easy and smooth as it can be. She made sure we knew what to expect at each step, provided valuable guidance along the way, and was an absolute pleasure to work with. Will highly recommend her if anyone is looking for a realtor.

Exceeded Our Expectations - Josh D

Knowing Kari's 15 years of experience, we realized we were in good hands. And when considering how much we all had to adjust when trying to sell our home during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and as stay-at-home orders were implemented, Kari adjusted and adapted very well. She was able to maintain and provide the same level of service during these uncertain times as we would have expected before everything changed. Frankly, she exceeded our expectations!

Understood My Needs - Erin K

Kari is a gem. I never had any doubt that I was in the best hands. Kari understood my needs and worked ridiculously hard to ensure they were met. Above and beyond on all counts. I would recommend her to anyone buying or selling.

Above and Beyond - Megan H

Kari went above and beyond with the purchase of my home during a very competitive market. She was always available to answer my questions and calm my nerves. When I asked about particular properties, she let me know if she felt the area would meet my needs. When visiting homes, she often made recommendations for possible improvements (and warned me about possible downsides), should I wish to go forward with making an offer - just so I could better get a visual sense for the possibilities of the place. She came to my location for contracts, escrow, and closing. She took special care to recommend the best loan officer and property inspector, both of whom were excellent. Following the inspection, she made recommendations regarding which items I should negotiate, which was extremely helpful. The binder she provided me at our initial meeting was also a fantastic resource for me.


I have had the pleasure of working with Kari both selling and buying homes. Most recently, she found me my perfect little piece of heaven. She stuck with me for over a year. Answered my numerous questions. And still answers questions even after closing! She travelled long distances to show me homes. When we finally found my perfect home, she put in an offer and in twelve days we closed. Kari is amazing.....actually Kari is PRICELESS!

Made it Happen - Kelly K

Kari had just sold our house and we immediately began searching or a new home to buy. Everything else had already gone so well it didn't even cross our minds to look for someone else.

Kari is truly a magic person. We got the irst house we put an offer on and we learned that our offer was not even the highest one that the seller received. Kari sold our story and our family so well to the seller and their realtor that our offer was accepted! and now we are living in such a perfect house and neighborhood. We can hardly believe it!

We felt so cared for with everything Kari did for us. Not only was she patient and encouraging with our anxieties and fears she also showed real thoughtfulness with things like involving our children in the process and helping us imagine our future in our new home.

Kari was a dream and a godsend. We are still in shock that we got our house. We would not be in this house without Kari. She was the difference and she made it happen.

Elite - Dave S

Kari is an elite Real Estate Broker. She exceeds your expectations in how hard she will work to help you find your dream home. She is extremely knowledgeable and clearly explains the process and steps involved. We searched for 9 months for the home we now have and it wouldn’t have happened without Kari’s tireless efforts. In short, she’s amazing and I highly recommend asking her to help you find your dream home!

Quick Acting, Kind, and Highly Accessible - Lynn E

If you're looking for a quick acting, kind and highly accessible real estate agent to sell your home, Kari Schertzinger is the lady for you. Kari helped us get our home staged and up on the market quickly after we purchased our next family home. She worked diligently, keeping close contact with us at each step along the way, to help us get a winning offer (for more than we ever expected to get for our home) within 12 hours of being on the market. From there it was smooth sailing because she talked us through what would happen next and kept us in the loop about the status of appraisal, escrow and signing. Now we're on to settling into our new home (which she also helped us with and did a wonderful job!). Thanks for all your hard work, constant accessibility, and kind support through the whole process, Kari!

Extremely Knowledgeable - Claire S

Initially, Kari Schertzinger's name popped out to me as I browsed through the list of agents on the Century 21 site. I saw that Kari and I share a last name (which, given our last name, is highly irregular). I clicked on her profile and immediately saw she had amazing ratings and reviews, which ultimately led me to contact her. And I am so happy I did! Kari is extremely knowledgeable about homes, the history of home-building in and around the Seattle area, and has great relationships with home inspectors and lenders. She was very flexible and enthusiastic even while the scope of our home search expanded from South King County to Bremerton. Moreover, she is an excellent negotiator, and we always felt secure during the search and purchasing process, knowing she had our backs. As the housing market is scorching at this particular moment, my partner and I were worried about finding a home. But Kari was chipper, supportive, and optimistic while also very realistic about how aggressive we needed to be with the low inventory of homes available. This is a difficult balance to strike, and Kari was amazing at navigating this uncertain terrain (especially since we were first-time home buyers and at times a little skittish when homes we liked would go off the market incredibly fast). Despite all this, we found and purchased a home faster than we thought, and it brings us joy every single day. We are grateful for Kari's expertise and would recommend her to anyone looking to purchase a home.

Perfect Person for the Job - Serena S

Kari is the perfect person for the job! She was communicative, readily available to answer our questions, understood what we were looking for, and she worked HARD for us. In a super competitive market, her expertise helped ensure that we were putting in the best possible offer each time to increase our chances of being selected. I would absolutely recommend Kari to anyone!

Excellent Job Walking Me Through the Process - Jordan B

As a first time home buyer, she did an excellent job of walking me through the process and getting me in the house that worked for me and my baby grand piano, she was always super responsive and did a great job closing and making the process easy to understand

More Than I Was Expecting - Jim R

She did a very good job at selling my home I'm just very very very impressed with the way she did it and for the amount of money that she got me more than I was expecting I would hire any day to sell my home again if I had one

Responsive and Works Hard - Ryan P

Working with Kari was great! She's very responsive and works hard to make things work out. I had a very tricky schedule where we had a very short window to close and I was out of the country leading up to closing. Kari was able to coordinate everything so it all worked out. I would definitely work with her again!

Honest and Caring - Sheryl N

First off, Kari worked with my husband and me for about two years on and off. We thought we were ready to buy a house but then realized we weren't quite ready. Kari was super understanding. She let us know that she would be there for us whenever we were ready.
Finally, about four months ago, we were ready and contacted her. She was so friendly throughout the whole process. Kari was eager to learn what we wanted/didn't want in a house. She wanted to know what areas we wanted to be in but also what we were open to.
She sent us houses and looked at as many as we wanted. She was also open to houses we sent her. We saw the houses many different times of the day. She was very flexible with whatever worked for us. She was also super quick to answer all of our questions whether it was through email (which most of it was because that is what was the most convenient), phone calls, or texting. She was always professional and always happy to help.
My favorite thing, though, about Kari is that she was HONEST and CARING. When we would go to a house, I would ask her what she thought and she would tell me exactly what she thought (in a nice way of course). One time, we were going to look at a house in Seattle and Kari got there before us. She called and told us to not even bother coming down because apparently the area was really sketchy. She knew that we are looking to raise a family and knew it wouldn't be safe for us. Other times, she would tell us the pros and cons of the houses and let us decide what was important to us.
I cannot express how grateful we are to have found Kari. I will be telling the whole world about how amazing she is. My husband and I plan on using no other person to buy a house with for the rest of our lives as long as she's in the business.

Very Patient

It was a pleasure working with Kari! She was understanding of our needs, helped us think outside of the box, and most importantly with us being first time home buyers, she was very patient! She'd meet us on short notice when we saw something we liked, and was always happy to help. We viewed a lot of homes with her and she kept telling us that she didn't want us to settle and was there for us as long as it took to find "our" home. That meant a lot to really have a partner in the search! On top of being a great real estate agent, she is a great person - she is a hard worker, displays integrity in all that she does, and made the process fun for us. Thank you Kari!

Follows Through on Every Detail - Jeanne D

If I have the need for an agent again, I wouldn't even consider using another person. Kari is professional, available to the person she is representing, takes the time to know what her client wants, and follows through on every detail. She sold a home for me and sold me on her skills. I will go out of my way to recommend her. She made the process easy and that hasn't been my experience in the past. Great job Kari!

Extremely Helpful - Leta B

Kari was extremely helpful as we no longer lived in the area. She willingly dealt with tenants, made sure the property was presentable, and kept us informed. She fought for our asking price and we received it.

Fantastic to Work With

Kari was fantastic to work with! We were first time home buyers, and she explained us everything at every step of the way. She was very flexible in showing us houses on our schedule, and she went the extra mile to make sure we got our house. I would recommend her to anyone!

Passion and Unwavering Commitment

I don't think we could say enough good things we could say about Kari Schertzinger as our real estate agent. From the very beginning, when we were thinking about buying a house, Kari was extremely helpful in showing us the steps that we needed to take. She assured us that no questions were dumb and she was patient with us all along the way. What I appreciated most about Kari was her passion and unwavering commitment to put us in the house that was perfect for us. Never pressuring us to buy unless we were 100% sure. Even at times not letting us settle, knowing we would find our home. We are in our perfect home today because Kari's knowledge and hard work.

Heart and Integrity - Harli S

I simply cannot say enough good things about our experience working with Kari. From the start Kari was professional, detail focused and refused to let us settle for less than our dream. Kari was thoughtful in pointing out potential where we grimaced and little concerns we would have missed. Her focus on making sure our home would fit our family needs was remarkable. Often we would be caught up in the surface beauty of a home and miss that there was no room for the stove to open when the fridge was also open and other similar details. Kari quite honestly has the patience of a saint. Whether in regard to ourselves, our VA Appraiser or the sellers agent Kari maintained her professional demeanor throughout and we had quite a stressful process. Kari was more accommodating than any person should ever need to be. She made VA requested repairs to the home without hesitation and all while we were at work! (Anyone need drywall replaced!?) I can’t express enough how much heart and integrity Kari put into our home buying experience. I would not hesitate for a moment in recommending Kari Schertzinger.

Worked Tirelessly

Kari did a great job representing us through the entire process of selling our condo. We were selling at the bottom of the market, and many agents were giving us lower selling prices than we were comfortable with. Kari helped us come up with a price that was better than the other agents and we were comfortable with as well (though we still knew we were losing money). She also helped us stage the condo appropriately so that it looked it's absolute best. The day after listed, Kari left on a preplanned vacation. Within 24 hours, we were negotiating with multiple bidders, and Kari was helping us through the process from thousands of miles away. She was completely responsive and worked tirelessly, though she was on vacation. During the final 24 hours of closing, Kari again persevered on our behalf after a mistake that we made in paperwork. We feel that we were able to sell quickly for a reasonable price and close on time because of all the work Kari did. Thank you!!

Goes All Out

Kari really goes all out when servicing her clients. She made my process extremely easy, timely, and educational. I've worked with other agents before but none made me feel like I could fully trust them or felt they were just trying to sell me something. Kari took the time to find out who I was and helped me make decisions that were to MY best interest first. Can't think of anyone else I'd rather work with going forward. Thanks so much for all your hard work!

Absolutely Recommend

Kari is wonderful! I had absolutely zero experience or knowledge about buying a home, and Kari made the process truely painless. She was very responsive to my questions and emails, found many places for us to look at and was encouraging throughout. She was quite patient with all of my "pickiness" and was prepared to work with me as long as it took. Which, as it turns out, was not very long at all! Kari helped me to find a place very quickly and negotiate a good price that was within my budget. I absolutely recommend her to anyone looking to buy a home and will definitely use Kari again in the future.

Listened to Our Needs

Kari did a fabulous job helping us buy our first house! She listened to our needs, wants, desires, and deal breakers. She always showed us houses that were in our price range. We purchased a short sale house, which can be very stressful! Kari knew what she was doing throughout the entire process and was able to communicate with us clearly and often. We felt heard and respected during the home buying process. I have also had several friends use her for buying and selling and have also been very happy with her work. I will definitely use her again when the time comes!

The Only Person Whom I Would Trust - Kris J

We have known Kari for years and would never consider anyone else. Kari sold us our Condo 5 years ago and she has now helped us get our house. What a great person to have on your side. She is professional, knowledgeable and goes above and beyond. When we didn't get our first house, that was ok, God had other plans for us and Kari helped us through the disappointment. Kari was always ready to answer questions even late into the evening. Kari has made wonderful suggestions and we took them to heart, (Most of them) Kari is the only person whom I would trust to go through this trying process with. She is just a GEM!

Got a Home We Loved - Erin D

I honestly can't say enough how much I enjoyed working with Kari. I genuinely felt she had out best interests at the top of mind throughout the entire process and that it was important to her that we get a home we loved. If we had questions about anything, she explained it, she even tried to explain each part of the process before we hit it.

Kari is wonderful, it was such a pleasure to work with her and she made the home buying process so much less stressful, which was huge for us as first time home buyers. I will recommend her to everyone I know who is looking for an agent and if we ever have to move, we'll want to work with her again.

Attention to Detail Off the Charts - Amy & Dave S

Kari not only helped us through the entire process of selling our home, she worked tirelessly for our sale. There were unforeseen complexities with the buyer's agent and because we had Kari on our team, we knew we didn't need to be stressed. Her expertise and attention to detail are off the charts. We highly recommend Kari for all real estate needs and won't work with anyone else.

Always Available - Sherry E

My husband and I recently sold our home of 35 years and Kari Schertzinger was with us each step of the way. We have known Kari for years and didn't even consider anyone else to assist us with the sale of our home. She is an expert in her field, professional, knowledgeable, and was always available (really 24/7) to answer questions and address our concerns. Kari was patient with us, but also knew when to give us a nudge (we needed it) so we could continue to move forward and get our home on the market at the right time. Kari was so good about explaining the process in an easy to understand way. Kari was a joy to work with and we will recommend her to all our family and friends who are looking to buy or sell a home.

Timeliness and Follow Through - Andy S

Kari is consistently looking out for deals and she brought me this one in Ballard; which I love. She helped me negotiate terms and helped make it a smooth closing! I appreciate her timeliness and followthrough; would definitely recommend and use her again!!

Would 100% Choose Her Again - Brook P

Kari was everything we'd hoped for in a realtor. She was very responsive and helpful in getting us appointments to see all the places we were interested in, and in helping us get a quick pre-inspection when we were considering making an offer. She did the extra work to establish a rapport with the seller's agent for the house we ended up buying, and this turned out to make all the difference in our offer getting accepted. Communication was clear throughout the process, and everything went smoothly with a fast closing. As an added bonus, Kari left us an incredibly thoughtful selection of gifts that we discovered when we got the keys to our new place, complete with decorations for our two-year-old's room that he loved. We would 100% choose her again if we were to do this over!

Amazing - Ariel L

Kari was amazing. We had a very short timeline to find and purchase our home and she was able to get us viewing appointments almost immediately. She gave us great guidance and feedback on homes and offers. Kari went above and beyond negotiating with the seller team to get the price we needed for our financing. We would highly recommend Kari to all of our friends and family.

On Top of All Aspects of the Purchase - Jay E

Kari is great! She understood what we wanted in a home and made appropriate showings. She was quick to communicate, and on top of all aspects of the purchase. We would recommend her, and do business with her again.

Took So Much Worry Out of the Process - Kennedy A

Kari Schertzinger is amazing. She goes above and beyond expectations. She is professional, knowledgeable, thorough and thoughtful. She takes the extra steps and really cares.

Buying and selling is stressful, Kari took so much of the worry out of the process. She communicated, and I knew I could trust that she was taking care of everything.

She staged my home and it sold so fast!

I wish I had contacted Kari for previous home purchases and sales, and going forward I would not use anyone else in this area.

Wants to Find a Perfect Match for You - Harrisons

Kari, was an absolute joy to work with. She always has time for her clients and she cares about what is important to you. We had a rough 2020 besides just COVID and she was so supportive and understanding. She doesn't view you as a commission, she truly wants to find a perfect match for you. We really enjoyed working with her!!

Best to Work with Someone who you Really Know Understands You - Tim K

Kari is PHENOMENAL. She anticipated our needs, was exceedingly patient, and made the process as easy as it could possibly be. She advocated for us, reassured us, and we always knew we were in the best possible hands. It's the best to work with someone who you really know understands you and what you're looking for.

I cannot speak highly enough of the work Kari did for us. I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone looking to buy or sell.

So Knowledgeable and Professional - Randy C

It's hard to describe how much Kari helped us in the sale of our house. First we needed work done to get it ready to sell and Kari walked with us through our house to help us figure out what we needed to do to best present our home. Through out the whole process she would check in to make sure we finished our improvements on time. When it came to the presentation and marketing of our home she was so knowledgeable and professional. She was always quick to answer any questions we had during the sale of our home. Most of all we knew we would trust her 100%. We will always use Kari for any home purchase in the future

Integrity and Dependability - Mike K

We have had personal dealings with Kari Schertzinger and knew her to be a person of integrity and dependability. Coupled with the high praise and recommendation of friends and relatives who'd used her real estate services, we knew we wanted her to sell our home. After living in our home for 30 years, we weren't sure what the sale experience would be like. Kari communicated everything so clearly and responded very quickly to any communications. She also went above and beyond in helping prep our house and meet the contingency requirements. We always knew she had our back, and she'd find a way to take care of things that came up. I can't imagine a better real estate agent.

EXACT Kind of Person We Needed - Tony D

Kari Schertzinger was the EXACT kind of person we needed for our home-buying experience. Due to my job restrictions, my wife and I were out of state and unable to personally visit potential home choices. We solely relied on Kari to help us pick our home. From the beginning, Kari always went above and beyond to search for homes that best fit our criteria. She made us feel comfortable with the thought of buying a home we had never been in. She took the initiative to find creative ways to make us feel as if we were touring each home ourselves. Not only does she possess a high level of professionalism, but she's also very personable. Her impressive efficiency and experience were detrimental in helping us select our home. We could not imagine buying our home without Kari. My wife and I are convinced that if we require realty services in the future, we will be contacting and/or recommending Kari. BEST realtor we've had.

Being miles away and in different time zones, Kari always made herself available and responded to our messages in a timely manner. If she didn't have the answer to our questions, she would take time to research the answer and provide a detailed response.

Highly Recommend - Cathryn K

We highly recommend Kari Schertzinger for anyone considering buying or selling a home. She went above and beyond our expectations. She was great at helping us figure out what we were really wanted. And after 30 years in the same home, she made the process of buying very comfortable and understandable. We are thrilled with our new home.

Made Sure I Knew What to Expect - Sara B

When I was ready to move ahead with my home buying process, I already knew that I wanted to have Kari Schertzinger help me through it. Many of my friends had used her services, sometimes more than once, and never had any problems. When we first met to discuss buying a home, she gave me all the information and tools I needed to navigate everything that comes with this life changing event. I could enter every meeting, phone call and email that came my way confidently because Kari made sure I knew what to expect.

Efficient and Detail Oriented - Adam C

Kari is a wonderful agent/broker. She is efficient and detail oriented. Also, I've purchased several homes in the past. And Kari is by far, the best, most professional, and knowledgeable agent/broker I have ever worked with. Thank you very much!

Organized and Responsive - Natalie M

Kari is wonderful, she gets what I'm looking for in a home. She is very organized and responsive. I love working with her because she does an excellent job of communicating the steps of buying/selling a home. She makes me feel comfortable with the process and is always available to answer my questions.

Highly Recommend - Allison C

I believe the only reason we were able to purchase our home is because Kari was so on top of it and got us in really quick to view the home. We'll always be very grateful for how hard she worked for us.

Kari knew what we were looking for and gave us her honest opinion which I believe is critical when trying to find your home. She was encouraging when the first couple homes we put offers on didn't accept. She was so positive and knowledgable and always kept us in the loop. As soon as she had information, she shared it with us.

We were very lucky to work with her and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for their next home. Kari is simply the best.